35 Dumpsites evacuated in Central, Bono, Bono East regions

In the Bono and Bono East regions, 20 age-old dumpsites were cleared in 13 districts. In the Bono Region, a total of 17 dumpsites in 10 districts were cleared, while three dumpsites were evacuated in three districts in the Bono East Region.The beneficiary districts in the Bono Region are Sunyani Municipal, Sunyani West Municipal, Berekum Municipal, Berekum West District, Jaman North District, Dormaa Municipal, Dormaa East, Dormaa West and Banda Districts.

Other beneficiary districts in the Bono East Region include Kintampo Municipal, Kintampo South District and Pru East District.The municipal district assemblies (MDAs) have resolved to introduce a ‘Pay as you Dump” policy at all dumpsites in the areas to help enhance the sanitation and hygiene situation.In line with that, some of the assemblies have started public sensitisation forums to help the public to understand the new policy, the need to introduce it and have appealed to the people to embrace the policy, to help improve sanitation in the areas.

Big issue

The Kintampo South District Chief Executive (DCE), Opoku Nyame, told the Daily Graphic that sanitation had been a big issue in the area. He explained that the district lacked sanitation logistics such as garbage or refuse trucks to convey waste from the sites.Mr Nyame said the district had to rely on the Kintampo North Municipal Assembly truck to collect waste.However, he said the truck only came to the district to collect waste when the operators at Kintampo had no work to do, thus making it very difficult for the district to properly manage its waste.

Mr Nyame, therefore, appealed to Zoomlion to procure a new truck for the district to manage its own waste. He, however, said the district was working hard and putting measures in place such as the procurement of tricycles and waste bins to manage waste in the area.


Mr Nyame said the ministry’s intervention with Zoomlion had helped to enhance the sanitation situation, adding that the partnership had led to the clearing of several dumpsites in the area.

He commended Zoomlion for the evacuation exercise to improve sanitation challenges. Mr Nyame said some of the evacuated sites would be used for the development of projects such as community durbar grounds.

For his part, the Kintampo Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Isaac Baffoe Ameyaw, said there were about 19 dumpsites in the area. He explained that the assembly alone evacuated 11 of them, while its partnership with the Zoomlion also helped to clear eight.Mr Ameyaw said the evacuation of the dumpsites had brought relief to him and the most affected residents. He said he used to receive daily complaints from the affected communities and expressed the hope that the evacuation would help improve the health of the residents.

Mr Ameyaw said Zoomlion had spread sand at the evacuated sites to bring back the land to its natural state. He advised the public, particularly people in the area to ensure proper management of waste to enhance the environment and avoid the outbreak of diseases.He appealed to the residents to cooperate with the assembly in the management of waste and planning of their communities.

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